Additional Services

To complement our Private Labelling, we offer an extensive range of services to provide you with a one-stop shop for your production and business development needs. Please note, these services are only offered alongside a Private Label order.

Design Services

Looking for a custom label design?

Custom Design Services are billed at $80 per label with two revisions. Label Design must be confirmed within 10 business days, after this period an hourly charge will apply.

Choosing a Pre-Designed Label template?

Choose from one of our pre-designed label templates, for only $99 a year you will get unlimited label designs (with your chosen label template). Label templates allow you to change the colours and logo to match your brand. No further options are available.

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Health Canada Notification

You must notify Health Canada of A Cosmetic within 10 Days of Sale. Did you know we offer a service to notify health Canada as well as initiate all communication for our customers? Connect with us and we will do the tedious work for you! 

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Looking for Barcodes?

Make your products easily scannable in stores! We offer single barcodes and packs for customers that are looking to expand their line at a later time. Barcodes start at $14.99 and up to $299.99 for a 50 pack that can be used at any time! Once you pay for them they are yours for life!

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Have questions or want to talk to one of our designers?

Let us help! Reach out to our Design Team today!

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