Compliance & Regulations

Is it a cosmetic or non-prescription natural health product?

One key difference between cosmetics and NHPs is that cosmetic products can only make aesthetic claims, while NHPs can make functional claims. Cosmetic products must notify Health Canada within 10 days of the sale, while NHPs require pre-market approval that takes 80-210 days.

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What needs to be on my cosmetic labels?

We go to the highest measures to ensure your products and their labels meet all requirements and regulations. 

When it comes to the label or product descriptions, we (Cosmetic Labs Canada or our customers) cannot claim that the product/formula makes a physical change to the skin, hair or body or affects the structure or function of skin, hair or body (this would be a drug claim). We can only claim that it changes the appearance of the skin and that products are for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance (since these are cosmetic claims).

Our label requirements:

- Product Name
- Fill Quantity
- Directions
- Cautions
- Distribution Information
- Company or Personal Name
- City, State & Zip
- Email, Website or Phone #
- Ingredients (if not listed on your outer boxing or website)

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Cosmetic Advertizing, Labeling and Ingredients

Is my ingredient restricted or prohibited in Canada

Restricted- permitted only if the conditions of use and/or cautionary statement(s) are met as outlined.


PROHIBITED- including synonyms, salts, and related compounds, CAN NOT be present in cosmetic products sold in Canada.


Where can I register my cosmetics?

You must notify Health Canada of A Cosmetic within 10 Days of Sale. Did you know CLC offers a service to notify health Canada as well as initiate all communication for our customers? Connect with us and we will do the tedious work for you!