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Knowing that one of the keys to the success of any Private Label line lies in graphic design. We have a team of graphic designers, ready to help you develop the look that is right for your brand. Whether you need assistance with a simple label layout or a completely new product or box design – our designers can provide you with cost-effective assistance to get you to market quickly and with style. We provide 100% vinyl water-resistant labels on a 4-color printing process in-house, alternatively, we can source digital press and silk screening. Get in touch with us for more information!

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Label Design FAQ

Can you help me with Logo and Label Design?

We certainly can. We have several Graphic Designers on staff. We charge $300.00 for logo design. Label design will vary depending on the number of products and complexity of the design. But to start we charge $75 per label with two revisions. After that, we bill by the hour. The design fees are a one-time charge for all of your products on this order and on future orders – unless you decide to modify your designs. Alternatively, you can supply us with your own designs. Label templates will be provided once your order has been approved.

What art-files create the best label design?

At Cosmetic Labs Canada, we know everyone creates in different ways. That’s why we accept a variety of file formats: For logos, we recommend .PNGs with transparent backgrounds or a packaged Adobe Illustrator file, but we also accept .JPEGs and .SVGs.

For images, please send us high-resolution images. For completed label designs, please send us .PDFs with any fonts used on your labels and embed any images. We also accept packaged .Ai files. (If using any Adobe programs, do not outline paragraphed text.)

What types of in house labels are available?

We provide 100% polyester water-resistant labels on a 4 color printing process. Our labels are available in two finishes: Matte and High Gloss. If you have specialty label design, such as metallic ink, clear or foil, etc. we can provide you with a quote from an outside printer. *Note this will delay the production time of your order.

Do you provide individual product boxes?

As we are not box printers, we work with several suppliers and can provide you with a quote.

Do you do 3D rendering and/or professional photography?

We do professionally Photoshopped images that are $40.00 per photo. We do offer digital rendering services on some products. Please contact a Design Consultant for more information.

What information required on the label? What is compliance?

We go to the highest measures to ensure your products and their labels meet all requirements and regulations. 

When it comes to the label or product descriptions, we (Cosmetic Labs Canada or our customers) cannot claim that the product/formula makes a physical change to the skin, hair or body or affects the structure or function of skin, hair or body (this would be a drug claim). We can only claim that it changes the appearance of the skin and that products are for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance (since these are cosmetic claims).

Our label requirements:

- Product Name
- Fill Quantity
- Directions
- Cautions
- Distribution Information
- Company or Personal Name
- City, Provence/State & Postal or Zip
- Email, Website or Phone #
- Ingredients (if not listed on your outer boxing or website)

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