SAMPLE orders  CAN NOT BE CANCELLED or REFUNDED. Our Lab is sent your online order immediately upon payment via electronic notification. Once the order is received they are no product or components changes allowed. Don't forget many of our samples are sent unscented, be sure to order a fragrance tester kit so you can smell the fragrances as our products are completely customizable for no additional charge. These orders are shipped within 7 business days from the date the order is placed.


In order to deliver you the FRESHEST products from our labs in the quickest possible time, your order will begin to process immediately with the ordering of raw materials and starting all the paperwork and formulations. NO CANCELLATION OR CHANGES on any PRIVATE LABEL ORDER WHICH IS PAID.

We shoot for a 21 Business day turnaround time from the date the DESIGN CONTRACT is APPROVED by the customer. Design contracts CAN NOT be confirmed or sent by the department until all custom components are received by our logistics team so the proper measurements and configurations can be physically seen as often label measurements are wrong.


Our raw materials & Packaging Components are held to the highest standards. Once these components are paid for it  CAN NOT BE CANCELLED OR RETURNED once paid.


Customers have several different options when it comes to label design. You may choose a pre-designed label and opt to change the 2 primary label colours so they align with your branding. Please submit us a logo design after the order is submitted HERE.

Custom Labels

Customers are able to request a custom-designed label directly online. A cost of $79.99 CAD is charged for each product design with a maximum of 2 changes. This service comes with a FREE 20 Minute Consultation with your designer!


SOURCED LABELS  by the customer must ensure the labels ARE NOT Laser Cut. Laser Cut Labels WILL BE REJECTED! Labels sourced by your company MUST BE DIE CUT with the appropriate die size. If you are sending us labels from another supplier be sure to view and print the SEND LABEL SPECIFICATION SHEET HERE. 


 Must be handled on your account prior to arriving at our facility.

When shipping us items use the following address format:

Cosmetic Labs Canada (line 2)
298 Wellington St West
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada. P6A-1H7

If any component arrives with DUTY/ IMPORT CHARGES C.O.D, a 15% surcharge will be applied to the value from our broker and added to your account. Please ensure all duty is paid on your behalf and ensure your company is actively waiting for a phone call to clear customs on your components.


Samples - Flat Rate

Raw Material- As Calculated Online

Private Label Orders Will be calculated at the time of shipping. Please ensure we have a credit card on file to not delay your shipping. Shipping orders are charged to your credit card automatically on a NEW invoice. SHIPPING TO USA & MEXICO 

Import charges are the responsibility of the customer. We are happy to complete the CUSMA/ Free trade certificates & Certificate of Origin (CofO) for all exported orders. If the order is shipped within Canada, these documents WILL NOT be prepared unless requested at the time of payment. CofO cannot be completed once the order leaves our facility. 


Import charges are the responsibility of the customer. We will complete the  Certificate of Origin (CofO) for all exported orders automatically. Please ensure the cosmetics or ingredients are approved for importation in your Country. Cosmetic Labs Canada only assesses products within North America. Shall you require any additional information our team will be happy to provide it to ensure easy export/ Import!