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Bath Bomb Mold Plastic

Bath Bomb Mold Plastic

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Bath Bomb Mold and Package, Plastic

Package of 10 - Clearance

    • Recommended for Cold Process: no

    • Recommended for Melt and Pour: no

    • Recommended for Bath Bombs: yes

    • Mold Style: Single Cavity

    • Material: PVC Plastic

    • Dimensions (in inches): 3" diameter including edge and eyelet

    • Capacity: 3.8 oz.

    • Mold Cavity Dimensions (in inches): 2.1" diam

    • Usage Instructions: Add bath bomb mixture to both halves of the mold and pack it in firmly. Mound more in the center of both halves. Clear any powder from the seams of the mold, match the eyelets, and close. Make sure to direct pressure on the seams to prevent dents.

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