What is Private Labeling, and how to get started! ​

Proudly made fresh for you at the time of order. Our products are made from natural, organic, USP-certified Ingredients which are sourced from around the globe. Our QA team scrutinizes each ingredient, batch code, and Certificate of Analysis to ensure that the purest product is used and formulated in our cosmetics. Proudly using over 90% Eco-Certified natural ingredients sourced from Fair Trade, not Free Trade suppliers.


Think products, packaging & scents! Cosmetic Labs Canada offers over 200 formulations for you to choose from, ranging from body, skin, hair care, and everything in-between, each formulated for professional results and made with high-quality ingredients including naturally derived and organic ingredients. In addition to top-tier formulations, we offer a comprehensive selection of packaging variations & fragrance options for you to customize your products to align with your brand!

Choose your favorites that you know your clients will love. Make it even easier with one of our sample kits!

2. Define Your Offerings​

Focus on your message and the details of your opening order! Now that you know what products and packaging you want to offer, you’ll have to work through the details. What will you call your products? How many of each will you want to order for your first run? What Packaging options will you choose? These details will all need to be decided by you in order for us to produce your products.

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3. Label Design & Printing​

Time to plan your design! Your labels will end up being one of the most important details of your final product. You can choose to customize one of our pre-made templates or get a completely custom label to match your vision. CLC has an outstanding team of Graphic Designers who specialize in personal care logo and label design and are ready to help! We offer extensive services for both logo and label design.

Questions about Design & Printing?

Here's What Your Order Process Will Look Like:

Order Samples and test out potential products

Step one is to order samples! While you're testing samples think about packaging & scents! Cosmetic Labs Canada offers over 200 formulations for you to choose from.

If you don't see something on our website contact one of our Project Consultants.

Choose your favorites that you know your clients will love. Make it even easier with one of our sample kits!

Place your order online or contact our Project Consultants to place your order.

Once you have all the elements of your order finalized, you can order online or get in touch with one of our Project Consultants to place your order. The following details will be required:

Products: The products you’d like to order

Fragrance: If you would like any of your products scented

Sizes: The unit size of each product you would like us to produce

Packaging: The containers and closures you would like to use

Quantity: How many of each unit you would like to order

Labels: If you need any assistance with label design and/or label printing

Finishing Touches: If you require any exterior elements, such as boxes or seals

Shipping Details: Where you will want your products shipped once complete.

Additional Services: If you would like to use any of our additional services, such as photography or documentation preparations

Receive your Production Quote & Make Any Changes!

If you are working with a Project Consultant they will consolidate all of your elements into a final production quote for you to review & view your units and additional services pricing. This production quote will be the document that our Production Teams use to manufacture your goods, so it is essential that you make any necessary changes or modifications at this stage!

Approve your Order & Pay your Deposit.

Once you have signed off on all the details of your order, we will require all outstanding payments in full before we move the order to production. Changes cannot be made after this time.

Begin your Design Process with our Graphics Team or Share your Designs With us.

If you've chosen to use our graphic design services to design your labels and/or logo, the design process will begin now, after the order has been placed. You'll be matched up with a designer and they will walk you through the process of the design. Otherwise, if you will be designing your own labels, we will provide your team with our templates at this time so they can set them up to ensure they will work with our printing presses. It is important to note that we always will need final approval on your order to proceed with any graphic design initiatives. 

Your Order Will Begin Production.

Now that your labels are finalized & ready for print, all of the puzzle pieces have come together and your order will go into the final stage of its production process. Our team will manufacture your order per the specifications of your approved production quote. Our standard lead time for opening orders is 15 business days, once the labels have been finalized. However, these lead times are not guaranteed and can fluctuate to be both shorter and longer depending on a number of factors including component sourcing & seasonality.

Your Order is Complete & Ready for Shipping!

Once your order is complete and ready for shipping, we will require the balance of your order to be paid. Please note that any shipping charges will be added to your final bill, along with any applicable taxes or fees. Once paid, we will ship your products to your desired location, whether that be your personal or business address, or a fulfillment center of your choosing.

Your Vision has Been Brought to Life & your Products are Ready for your Clients!

Congratulations! Time to do a little happy dance!

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