Dry Body Oil*

Dry Body Oil*

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Master your body care routine with Body oil!  Staying moisturized from head to toe is easier than you think. All you need for your brand is a bottle of one of Cosmetic Labs Formulated Organic  Dry Body Oil.

A quality body oil leave your skin feeling soft and looking glowy, while simultaneously moisturizing and strengthening your skin barrier.  Dermatologists are taught that body oils offer long-lasting hydration for all skin types and a key component to health skin — without any stickiness, grease, or waxy residue. Many clients assume that using a body oil's cause the skin to feel greasy, but body oils tend to be fast-absorbing and long lasting. 

This formula is perfect for the summertime, or where the UV index is always wrecking havoc on our skin.  Since oils replenish the moisture lost due to heat and other causes eg. Being in chlorine pools, the beach, and the sun over the summer can leave our skin feeling dry and dull

Our body oil is made of organic carrier oils blended together at the time of order using sustainable, fair trade ingredients which are ethically sourced.  Our main ingredients are oils that have excellent  anti-inflammatory ingredients Jojoba & Caprylic Triglycerides (sustained palm oil) , which "mimic the natural oil in our skin so it won't clog pores. We have combined these ingredients with squalane, a natural plant based emollient which is amazing for acne prone skin and with  vitamin E which intensely hydrateS and protect against environmental irritants and pollutants," 



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